Book a Free Classroom Kit

A physical selection of the Anthropocene Education Program resources are available to book as part of a free classroom education kit. These kits are reserved for members of Canadian Geographic Education teaching at Canadian institutions, are are available for a three-week loan period during the school year and by special request during the summer. The kits are shipped in a sturdy case and come with the items listed below.

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  • Email [email protected] to book a free classroom kit.

A teacher’s guide comprised of fourteen lesson plans for grades 4-12 linked to the Canadian Geography Learning Framework. Subjects include the history and life cycle of plastics, climate change, bioaccumulation of microplastics, terraforming, species extinction, urbanization, and more.

Exclusive augmented reality experiences including a rendering of Sudan the Rhino, one of the last northern white rhinoceroses in the world, an ivory tusk pile, and a life-sized pile of plastic bales destined for recycling.

A 5 x 10 meter floor gigapixel printed on heavy-set vinyl complete with hidden triggers that, when identified and scanned with the provided tablets, play a selection of short film extensions. The image on the gigapixel is the same as the online version but the film extensions vary. 

A classroom set of virtual reality headsets (10) for use with a selection of exclusive virtual reality films (headphones also included).

A classroom set of iPads preloaded with the AVARA app.

Book: The Adventures of a Plastic Bottle: A Story About Recycling (1)

Book: Le Grand Voyage de Monsieur Papier (1)

Building blocks (100)