Ted Talks to make you think

TED Conferences, the famous organization with the slogan “ideas worth spreading”, has a playlist of videos that tie directly to the Anthropocene. Lesser-known themes such as “climate fever” and “supercharged plants”, and familiar faces including Greta Thunberg and Charles C. Mann, are included in this list. Most videos hover around the 10 minute mark but are only available in English. 

Click here to see the TED Talks Anthropocene playlist

Watching the world’s population change over time

This tool lets you explore changes in global population size from 1 C.E. to 2050. The data are accompanied by a map, videos and teachers resources. Factors such as global health, food and agricultural activities, societal trends and environmental conditions can be used to understand why population levels fluctuated in the past. 

Click here to use the World Population History data

A Story Map with some unbelievable numbers

ESRI has created a Story Map all about how humans are using and changing Earth’s surface and resources. Some very important statistics are shared in a way that makes it easy to see where human populations and land use activities are concentrated. This map is interactive, eye-catching and fun to navigate. 

Click here to see the Welcome To The Anthropocene Story Map